UFO being Transported near Mojove, California – 11th April 2013

Video footage of a large disk shaped UFO being transported by Military near Area 51 in Nevada.

Video footage of a large disk shaped UFO being transported by Military near Mojove, California. This video was recorded on the 11th April, 2013

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  • March 28
    Top Secret Security by the U.S. Air Force means police cars with flashing lights at night. Besides, where the Grays and Tall Whites come from is real far away so they would have to have figured out how to get here faster than light. That is kinda tough for us to figure out. It is like trying to explain to folks isolated on a south sea island about an elevator in a skyscraper. Those folks would ask about how an elevator could possibly be able to fit in a tree. No way. The tree would not be able to have an elevator work in it, so obviously UFOs never land on earth at Groom Lake S4. That’s silly. So, it does not matter what all the first hand eye witness people say who claim to have worked at Area 51. You gotta figure that since July 1947 only a handful of military big wigs and Dreamland workers would be willing to tell their stories in 2015. And as for this spaceship driving past on a flatbed with no tarp on it, remember what the authorities always say: “Sure you can believe your own eyes when you see the UFO driving by. But remember, you didn’t see what was happening before the video clip started. It’s what you don’t see that is the truth.” Besides, most of the Dreamland Tall Whites and Greys like to vacation at AIRBNB houses so they can tell Dreamland stories to the AIRBNB hosts and guests at dinner parties and take neighborhood kids for rides across galaxies. The kids love it. We all oughta just get used to it. It’s fun. Stay tuned. Get a little selfie stick on Amazon and hold your cell phone steadier when filming space ships rolling by on flatbeds. You know they are about to drive past cuz there will be a lot of cop cars with flashing lights at night.

    Cheerful Clips March 28, 2015 8:06 am

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