UFO Escorted by 2 Craft over France – September 13th 2013

Interesting video of an unknown craft hovering over France, this video was recorded on the 13th September 2013

Witness report:
September 13th, I filmed one of the most amazing UFO sightings of my life. I was looking trough a window in a restaurant in Suresnes, when I saw a strange, long silver object crossing the sky really slowly.

I thought it was a zeppelin, but when I watched the video and zoomed, I understood it was not. A really clear saucer-shape, not any wings in the back of it, no propeller; a symmetric disc-shape.

Later, I noticed two strange lights following it, they were probably escorting it, maybe two other UFOs or even the air force?

I didn’t have my camcorder with me, I was in a restaurant, but fortunately I could film it, and in HD.

I show you 3 snapshots of the footage: you can CLEARLY see the object is not a zeppelin, it looks exactlylike a typical flying saucer.

Filmed by me with my iPhone 4S in Suresnes, France, Sept 2013.

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