UFO Filmed Sucking Water our of a Lake in Nevada County – May 2015

Interesting video of what appears to be a UFO sucking water from a lake. This video was filmed in California Lake, Nevada County in May 2015.

Poster said:
This sighting is of incredible value on many levels. 1st Its a pilot that took the photo. 2nd the pilot tried to radio communicate with the UFO. 3rd The UFO is not cloaked or even partly cloaked, its a freaking clear as day photo of the UFO! 4th this UFO is levitating water in a upward steam to the UFO. This is a sighting that will go down in history. As you can see its a very low populated area and they had little to fear. Is it really our water they are stealing or where they here first? Either way, our space brothers are welcome to help themselves.

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  1. D3AD ALI3N WSHH says

    I wish I could believe. After Jamie Mausan’s debacle, scamming all those people out of $120k..I’ve given up all hope that ANY one person has any honest weight behind ANY picture depicting something, not of this world.

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