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  1. Nathan Smith says

    I’m so sick of all the Governments from around the world, every company that has a satalite with camreas, the international space station and all the private observstion stations for deep space. Your all spineless cowards!!!! I have seen enough evidence from down here on the ground since the begaunung of this year to know that the alein ufos coming into our planet in up 1,000 fold. You want to call me crazy fine… But everyone with eyes and will take the time to just look up at night will see this is difftent. Not to mention anyone who is will to take the time to what the SOHO satalite pointing at the sun will know what I know and anyone with a pair between thete legs would stand up now and tell the world, That’s since the beginning of 2015 there has been a steady influx of alein ufo coming into our atmosphere and not leaving. March is about to be over and not one single Government or professional or polititon will step up and tell the world that this is it. It’s eaither a full scale invasion or we have entered a point of no return, we have just joined the galatic community. It one or the other. Everyone is so afraid of looking crazy, well what are you going to say when the sky is full. You did not see them coming. That makes us feel your more in tune. Oh Ya, NASA and the space station, time to stop faking like your doing anything. You have been replaced. The night skys are already being guarded by our space brothers. Everyone with a smart phone, just down load a thermal app, if you don’t have night vision. There’s not going to be a meteor hit us, trust me or new friends have that taken care of. NASA you can stop counting space rocks, your fired!!!. Again can just one private or public satalite owner just release the video between 8:30pm est – 10:30pm. Rest of the world. Thirty minutes after dark. The change is guard duty happens. Get your lazy self out side and look up, and just because they have a blink white light or red, Don’t just assume it’s a plane. Get some binoculars or again a app with high zoom, bet you would find wings on 90%. Then start demanding that truth be told. I do understand thst governments are scared. Who wouldn’t be after we land on the moon and JFK never got the chance to give his speech. Am here to tell you. It’s difftent this time. The huge return is for our protection. They want you to see them, start staying up at night and take some pictures and once they see tou have a interest in them. They will show the same in you. What the blinking stop and what them hover for you to get a better picture. The times has come. No more secret deals. They been waiting for promission to be seen as well. 2015 is that time. Please take a chance. Tomorrow at dark go out side. It only take for you to see one and once they know you seen them and did not freak out, more will follow. Your life will change. You’ll realize were part of a huge family. You never have to feel alone again. This is the first time I have told anyone this, I was hoping and waiting for our governments or other world leaders. It’s up to the average person to make contact on your own. Just have faith. Good luck tomorrow night.

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