UFO Sighting Filmed In Grayburg, Texas 12th December 2017

New footage of a bright lights hovering in the sky above Grayburg in Texas. This happened on 12th December 2017.

Witness report: Colorful, staggered lights numbering from one to five and fluctuating in appearance, surrounded by aircraft

On December 11, 2017, a family friend shared a video he took near Sour Lake, Texas of four staggered lights, changing color rapidly and floating in formation 10 or so miles southwest of the bridge he was filming from. On the following day, just hours before writing this report, I went to the very same bridge around the same time, 6:00 PM, and witnessed much the same as he did. The family friend also showed up and witnessed the event. This time, the lights began as three and gradually grew in number to five. The way they did this is indiscernible, it seemed as though one light would merge with another and form into one, or break off into two. They looked like large stars, flashing all colors of the rainbow randomly. Some lights maintained cooler colors, some warmer, and one remained glowing white throughout. Around the area, same as the previous day, there were between 5 and 10 aircraft circling the area. We watched for almost 45 minutes, before I took to the general perimeter of the event. Due to the low elevation of most of our part of the state, I caught only a few glimpses on the round trip, but when I returned to the bridge about an hour later, one light was still visible. I filmed for a few minutes before being stopped by a police officer, who let me go without even asking for my license after seeing the light as well. He did tell me not to linger long, but in the few minutes I stayed after he had left, two more lights had reappeared. I left the bridge at about 8:10 with three lights in the sky.

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