UFO Sighting Filmed In Volusia County, Florida, US – August 16, 2020

This unknown object was filmed over a beach in Florida.

Witness report:
On vacation went out on the balcony and noticed a black disk-shaped object from a far distance on the beach just hovering in one spot for about minute or two that’s what caught my attention.
It then started to move and I lost it.
I grabbed my phone to record hovering and then I thought I lost because the sun was shining so bright I could barely see or sit on the balcony.
Then I noticed I found the object again it seemed to be scanning the same spot and then it took off so fast I could barely see because of the sun in my eyes I had to put the phone down to see where it went; but it kept hovering that area of the water drop real low go back up and shoot across the water and then disappear from my eye view.

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