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UFO sighting filmed over Brentwood, California – 26th Sep 2020

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These unknown lights were filmed in the sky above Brentwood, California yesterday (26th September 2020).

Witness report: Triangle shaped w/ 4 witnesses. At around 7pm, my family of 3 plus an Xfinity internet installer witnessed a UFO hover in a position near a star/planet to the right of the moon for about 10 minutes. It appeared out of nowhere. It was triangular in shape, had 2 blinking red lights and one blue/green light that fluctuated but seemed to have a rhythm. We also spotted an occasional white light near it, a couple of which seemed to shoot out like falling stars. The lights were patterned and consistent at first, then starting blinking very quickly and changed color. At that point, the object descended from a celestial location directly downward so fast, it fell from view in about 10 seconds. About 10 minutes later, we saw it ascend at equally high speed until it disappeared from our view. I took 2 videos, but they are crappy as it was dark.

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