UFO sighting filmed over Girard, Ohio – 7th July 2017

Video footage of an unknown craft hovering over Girard, Ohio on 7th July 2017.

Video footage of an unknown craft hovering over Girard, Ohio on 7th July 2017.

Witness report: Huge hovering craft over golf course and houses, flew low enough over power lines then took off fast over golf course

This was the second sighting two nights in a row for me. My family and I were coming home from shopping and the time was 9:32 exactly. Because of the sighting I had the night before I was being extremely observant of the skies. It was almost dark but the sun was setting and the sky was clear with no cloud cover. We turned the corner off Liberty street that runs parallel with the golf course. As soon as you turn onto this road you have a clear view of the golf course and the skies above it and as soon as I looked up there was a huge glowing disk shape craft just hovering above the golf course. By my estimation it was hovering just above the club house at the time we turned the corner. As we made our way down the street to our house the craft seem to move closer towards the houses that lined the 3rd hole of the xourse. I stopped the car as soon as we came up next to the school on our right hand side, the golf course and the craft were on our left. I immediately froze at first have been shaken already from the even the night before I couldn’t believe it was happening again. This size of the craft was huge! Probably about 300 feet long. It was pulsating lights of yellow and red around it and it seemed to make no sound. We parked the car and just stood there looking at this massive disk whapped craft. We stood there for about 10 minutes. I took my phone out to get a video because the night before my phone wouldn’t work around the objects and I wanted to try again. This time I was able to get about 18 seconds on video before the craft started to move towards us even more and when it moves overhead of the homes on the course my phone shut down again. This thing scared my daughter and my girlfriend. You can hear them on the video getting scared when it seemed liked the craft was reacting to me filming it. After my phone shut down we got in the car and I took my family home to be safe. I dropped them off and I proceeded to follow the craft on foot throughout the neighborhood. It flew directly over the treeline of the house on the golf course for about another 10 minutes at a very slow speed . Then all of a sudden I could hear helecopter and Jets coming from the Air Force Base in Vienna. As soon as I heard the first jet, the craft took off to the northwest almost toward Cleveland. I then saw a bright flash that looked like lighting and the craft was gone. The sky was then littered with planes and helecopter flying in circles around the Liberty/Girard area. This event shook me to my core. There were also about 4 other cars slowing on the road looking at this object as it flew by. It was amazing and freightening at the same time. We live in a very small, quite town and my neighborhood is a lot of young families so to see this object so close to the house and the ground 2 nights in a row was very strange indeed.

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  • After viewing the footage it’s no doubt it’s a real ufo and others saw it as well that makes it more legit just don’t let some politicians make a mockery like the governor in Phoenix Arizona in 1997 during the Ph

    Wayne Crawford August 12, 2017 3:22 pm
  • Phoenix Lights sightings in 1997

    Wayne Crawford August 12, 2017 3:23 pm

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