1. Brian says

    Come on- really? The guy zooms into an ill-defined point in a very cloudy sky, and the object snaps immediately into focus. The spatial perspective of the “craft” is all wrong (or maybe too “all right”), presented in perfect three-quarter profile at the camera. It’s a good hoax- I’ll give him that.
    Talk to your “military and former military constant contacts”. I bet they’ll call “bullshit”, Sir!

  2. Brian says

    Also, the Sedona footage way more compelling. That’s what you’d expect from someone pulling out a camera to record an unusual light. The balloon thing is also interesting- it’s obviously a long string of balloons, but what are the “orbs”- that seem to be very controlled? Drones, dropped from the balloons? Could it be a military test of some new silent small observation drone insertion technique?

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