UFO sighting filmed over Scotland

New video footage of an unknown object hovering in the sky above Maddison, Scotland.

Submitter Description: I was walking my dog with my children and their friend when I noticed a light in the sky at 9.30pm but didn’t pay much attention as I thought it was an aeroplane but five minutes later I noticed the light was in the same place and appeared to be hovering, there was also no sounds that would be associated with an aeroplane or helicopter. I decided to try and film this strange occurrence the orb was hovering and I then noticed another orb appearing from the clouds the orb I was focused on though began glowing, it was far brighter than it appears on the videos I captured, then moved away. A few minutes later it came back again and hovered then glowed but this time it moved towards the other orb and appeared as though they would collide but they didn’t and it disappeared into the clouds. If anyone has an explanation for this I’d love to know as I’ve never seen anything like this.

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