UFO sighting filmed over Teotihucan, Mexico – 4th May 2015

New video of an unknown object hovering over Teotihucan, Mexico on the 4th May 2015

Poster said:
On a trip to Teotihucan in Mexico, I toke a photo of the pyramid of the sun. Later when I was reviewing my photo, I saw two objects above the pyramid. I didn’t see or hear them at the time. My friend toke an almost identical photo approximately 10 seconds after I did and nothing is in her photo.

The first photo I’ve submitted is mine. The second is my friends photo taken approximately 10 seconds after. In her photo you can see my head in the lower left corner because I was wearing a red and white bandana on my head. Also you can see tourist moving up the steps of the pyramid to show how much time passed between photos.

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