UFO Sighting over Atlanta, Georgia – 28th August 2014

Video footage of an unknown object hovering over Atlanta in Georgia. This was recorded on 28th August 2014.

Witness report: Bright yellow light appeared suddenly in sky, hovered and then started moving slowly.
I was on my break at a gas station at the corner of 14th Street and Spring Street, looking up into the sky towards the north. Bright yellow light suddenly appeared in the direction I was looking, just above the trees, about a half or mile away. Then I grabbed my camcorder started taping and object started moving. At first it was hovering in same spot for about 5 minutes then it started moving, downward, when I started recording. At first I thought it was the reflection on a plane but it didn’t move. I look at planes all the time since I work around the airport. It was not a plane, not a blimp, or a helicopter. I finally lost sight of it as it desended and was obscured by the trees.

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