UFO Sighting Over New York USA – May 11th 2018

This video shows UFO Sighting in East Moriches, New York on May 11, 2018.

Witness report:
“We would go to the beach at night because that is when my husband likes to try to fish for bass and i would sit in the truck and play online games on my ipad. being familiar with aircraft in the area such as airplanes and helicopters which at times are used to find people that could have gotten hurt or missing or they are just flying around maybe to make sure everything is ok but those are very familiar aircraft to everyone. i cannot always stare at my online game so every now and then would take a few minutes to look away from my ipad and look around and just look at the stars because the beach would be so quiet and peaceful i just noticed that a star was actually not a star and it was doing weird things.”

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